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cover artwork for music release, title Everymile, Artists Guess Disco & Mion Nite, slowhou
High Season 5.jpeg

Everymile - Guess Disco & Mion Nite

I Can Feel You, I Can Feel You around...this is the theme of our latest record release, featuring a killer collaboration with Guess Disco and Mion Nite. She is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter, well known for her musical prowess, this release showcases her skills in a cool and abstract fusion of NuDisco, modern funk, a splash of latin flavours, downtempo, and a laid-back touch of house.

High Season 5

Next level sonic bliss with the infectious energy of House, Disco and the sounds of Electronic Soul envelop your senses. It is the return of a long-awaited journey featuring music by Daniel Wang, 1986 Orchestra, The Weather Girls & Disco Sparks, Gerald Peklar feat. India, Sonimun, Replika, Dario Piana, The Lost Disko Superstar & more with remixes by Lipelis, Mark E, DJ Rocca ...
Out now on Candydeluxe Records a sub of STBB

In the enchanting realm of Neon Groove City, where music cast spells and dancefloors held secrets of old, there existed a luminary known as the enigmatic Lost Disko Superstar. Cloaked in a cape adorned with shimmering stardust and donning sunglasses that reflected countless galaxies, the Lost Disko Superstar was far from ordinary. His true name? Bobby Starlight. An extraordinary name for an extraordinary figure.

Disco wasn't merely alive in Neon Groove City; it was a mystical force woven into the very fabric of the city. From humble alleyways to grand ballrooms, the intoxicating rhythm of disco reigned supreme. At the heart of this realm of rhythmic wonder was Bobby Starlight.

He wasn't just a DJ; he was a conjurer of tales. With every twist of a record, he wove spells transporting listeners to dimensions where reality and fantasy intertwined. Night after night, he graced the decks at Club Stellar, a dance haven where the very air shimmered with enchantment.

But Bobby's
magic extended beyond turntables. His enchantment flowed into the streets on his motorcycle's wheels, carrying records humming with spells of their own. As he rode through neon-lit streets, records fluttered like mystical leaves, announcing his arrival with a symphony of anticipation.

Bobby's quest?
Read the full disco fairy tale soon here.

What is Save The Black Beauty?


STBB, is an independent record label based in Germany, with a rich history in Berlin and new sprout in Leipzig. Our label is dedicated to releasing any kind of disco music from talented independent artists around the world.

At STBB, we believe in providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and 
connect with a wider audience.

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