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STBB, is an independent record label based in Germany, with a rich history in Berlin and new set base in Leipzig. Our label is dedicated to releasing andy kind of disco music from talented independent artists around the world.


At STBB, we believe in providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and connect with a wider audience. We have a supportive nature and are passionate about promoting diversity and inclusivity. We believe that every artist has the potential to create something special and unique. The label has always been a first stage for artists to gain recognition and further develop their careers. We are happy to be part of their musical journey.


Our roster of international artists includes exciting and innovative names in disco and house music today, all of whom bring their own unique style and influences to the genre. Our roster of international artists includes FNM aka Filippo Moscatello, Sasse, Bobby Starr, Maertini Broes, DJ Rocca, Guess Disco and Emanuele Vesci, all of whom bring their own unique style and influences to the genre and the label.


We have also collaborated with some of the most talented songwriters, producers and remixers in the industry. Fifi Rong, Julia Brex NYC, Fabrizio Mammarella, Rubini, Mark E, Rob Mello, Hard Ton, Steve Bug and Daniel Dexter, Hustle T are just a few of the names that have contributed to our releases.


Our releases are carefully selected to provide a rich and diverse listening experience, so if you're looking for good music and want to discover some exciting artists, look no further. STBB is not running after time but take the time to feel good with. Proud of what has been created so far, we are committed to bringing you just good music, with a focus on italo influences and the enduring power of house music, it's here to stay all life long.

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